About us

A few words about iZi Media!

About us

A few words about iZi Media!

Few words about iZi Media and iZi Media Group.

iZi Media is a dream coming true after a lot of effort.

iZi Media is a company, a group of friends, a team of experts in the field of Website Design, E-shop Development, SEO, Content Creation, and other Internet services. Each of the members of iZi Media has knowledge and experience in his field of expertise.

Our team of experts is here to offer valuable solutions to you by transforming businesses of any size and type into digital businesses on the Internet. Everyone, including small neighborhood businesses, doctors, accountants, plumbers can benefit by entering the world of the Internet.

Therefore, iZi Media was created to bring your business to the next step, opening it up for the modern digital world.

We offer reliable solutions always guided by the needs of our customers, our friends, those who trusted us with their business and their vision and want to see the development of their business as well as their own development.

iZi Media is the complete e-commerce solution for your business. Our main strategy to achieve this goal is to provide SMBs with all the necessary tools needed for running a successful online business and support them along the way, from first online sale to full eCommerce scale.
A team of experienced developers, designers, graphic designers, SEO experts is always by your side.

At iZi Media we know the challenges, as well as the complexity growth and difficulties in the field of Internet and Digital Marketing.
This is the main and most important reason for creating the iZi Media Group.

iZi Media Group is a group of companies dealing with E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and the World of Technology and the Internet in general.

The group consists of companies with noted expertise in the digital field. Members of iZi Media Group are Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Experts, Social Media Experts, Courier Companies and Fulfillment Centers, Content Writers, and Copywriters from Europe and Abroad, Translators, Call Centers, and Customer Service Centers, Hosting Services in Europe and Abroad.

iZi Media Group is a holding with a future and is here to provide excellent quality services to its customers, partners, and members.



iZi Media consists of a small team of experts in their field who carry out projects with pure professionalism and many years of experience.



Our customers are our friends, our family, those who trust us to make their dreams come true. Mutual trust is always an essential ingredient in achieving a successful partnership.


Attention to detail

We always strive to present the best whether it is a presentation website, an e-shop, or even a big project. We always emphasize the small details that make a big difference in the final result.



At iZi Media we are committed to always providing the highest quality of services, giving you tips and suggestions that will suit your type of business, your Brand, and what you stand for. We will be with you all the time, guiding and advising you throughout the process.

Towards the future

We are proud that all our projects are always done following the best practices of Google and the new technologies in the field of the Internet. Thus, all our work is always looking over the “after” and not the “current”. We create projects with precision and far-seeing.



For any business, adaptability is the key to success, especially nowadays. We can help you adapt to the new market data by opening up to the internet, either through an e-shop or by a presentation website. We know this field well because it is both our passion and our job.



Apart from being good professionals, the important thing is to be good people. At iZi Media we know how valuable the help to our fellow human beings and partners is because we have received it. In our turn, in our donations, welfares, or charities, we are always governed by the virtue of humanity and solidarity with fellow human beings.

The iZi Media team!

Bardakas Emmanouil

Bardakas Emmanouil

I would like to thank all of you who, over the years, have chosen and trusted us to create your online presence but also those who have chosen us as partners. I would also like to thank our team that is always ready and willing to undertake easy and difficult projects and carry them out effectively.

At iZi Media we do not just create pages on the Internet. Ιn essence, we take your whole business to a New Era!





Designer - Content Writing



Senior Full Stack Developer



Junior Full Stack Developer – SEO



SEO Specialist


Where We Are The Best!

At iZi Media Group we believe that each of us has our strengths and weaknesses. That is why our team consists of experts and each of us gives 100% in their field.

We believe that “each is a specialist in their way and in their field”. Hence, we work with a variety of specialists and external partners to provide our customers with excellent service in whatever they need.

We provide services such as digital marketing, translation of websites to customers who are interested in entering new markets in the European Union, and Abroad, SEO services so your page appears first and best in Google results as well as creating a website or an e-shop in two of the best and most famous CMS platforms (WordPress and OpenCart) with a usage rate of OVER 87%.

  • Website Development 100% 100%
  • OpenCart E-shop Development 100% 100%
  • WordPress Website Development 100% 100%
  • WordPress – WooCommerce E-shop Development 82% 82%
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization 100% 100%
  • Social Media Management 78% 78%
  • Content Writing – Copywriting 91% 91%
  • Website & E-shop Translation 95% 95%
  • Digital Marketing 84% 84%

iZi Media in Numbers!




Years of experience

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