Website Hosting

What does Web Hosting mean?

Website Hosting

What does Web Hosting mean?


Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a hosting service where many websites are on a server connected to the Internet. It is the most economical option and by choosing it you share a physical server with one or more other sites.


Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS is a small virtual server and it provides more power and control than Shared Hosting (and less than a Dedicated Server).


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are the most expensive solution and concern the full leasing of the Server for a single client.

Websites hosting

Web hosting is an online service that allows individuals and companies to have a website that will be constantly online on the Internet, without having to incur the cost of such equipment (e.g. servers and other machines) or the need to service a large number of external connections and bandwidth.

This process is undertaken by web hosting companies (web hosts) that offer space on their server as well as part of their connection to the network.

We, as iZi Media Group, offer different hosting packages and services depending on the needs of each customer. We offer the following:


  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting (Managed)
  • Semi Dedicated Server VPS (Managed)
  • Dedicated Server (Managed)
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated / Real / Static IP

All the iZi Media Hosting packages are Full SSD and NVMe SSD and not on old HDD technology, thus giving you more speed, security, and flexibility. We also provide and guarantee 99.9% uptime (operating time), which means that your website will be continuously accessible to your audience with smooth operation and without any problems.

Shared Hosting

As mentioned above, Hosting or Shared Hosting is a service in which your website is stored for the purpose of its appearance on the Internet. It is usually the most economical form of web hosting. Shared Hosting, therefore, means that the same server (webserver) hosts many different websites, where each user has a specific storage space in Gigabytes and a certain number of resources, memory, and CPU speed.

It is the cheapest solution and as iZi Media we recommend it to bloggers, hobbyists, websites, and small online stores with relatively little traffic.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a type of web hosting that is pre-configured to host a website that has been created through the WordPress platform.

There is no definition for “WordPress Hosting”, so the exact type of hosting will vary depending on the server and the hosting company. WordPress Hosting is commonly used for the “3S” rule, Stability, Security & Speed, i.e. simple, secure and fast, always talking about the simplicity, security, and response speed that WordPress Hosting offers compared to simple installation of WordPress on a typical Linux server.

As iZi Media, we do not recommend it, as the cost is almost the same as with Shared Hosting and there is no possibility to use another platform or CMS.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is a part of a Dedicated Server with the same features as Dedicated, but with its own Operating System (OS), applications, resources, and configurations. Each server can have multiple VPS accounts on it. For example, if the Dedicated Server has 128 GB RAM then it can be divided into 3 VPS with 1 having 64 GB RAM and the other 2 with 32 GB RAM each.

The most common use of VPS is in websites and online stores that want to offer the best possible user experience to the customer at a low cost.

At iZi Media we recommend using VPS over Shared Hosting because there is only one client account and it is not being shared with any other accounts, it has almost all the advantages of Dedicated but without reaching the costs of Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Servers

The term Dedicated Server refers to the leasing and exclusive use of a computer that includes the web server, related software, and Internet connection housed in the Web Hosting facilities.

A Dedicated Server is essential for a website (or a set of many corporate websites) that can generate a significant volume of traffic. A Dedicated Server, for example, can handle up to 35 million unique visitors a day.

The server can be configured and operated remotely by the company or client.

iZi Media Group suggests the Dedicated Server solution to websites with more than 20.000 users per day. This way you will be sure that your website will be able to cover the entire volume of users without any problems and delays.

Domain Name

The Domain Name is a more human-friendly spelling (alias) of an IP address, a number in the form “” that leads to a specific website. Every website or internet entity is accessible through the IP address and is usually visited by someone with the corresponding domain name.

Domain name assignment to IP address is done through the DNS (Domain Name Service) naming network. It is an Internet service that indicates which IP address each domain name corresponds to.

Through iZi Media you can buy – register domain names that expire in .gr and belong to Greece, .bg and belong to Bulgaria and for Cyprus.

You can also register all the Global (Domain Name) such as .com, .eu, .shop. etc.

Each domain ending has its own purpose and audience. We are here to give solutions, to advise you but also to offer you discounts and preferential prices!

Dedicated IP

A Dedicated IP address is a unique IP assigned to a user for exclusive use. Usually, many different domains (i.e. websites) use a common shared IP of the server. The main reasons that a dedicated IP is necessary are usually limited to strictly technical terminology and we cannot simply analyze it.

The main purpose of the dedicated IP is to give the hosting account and your site a unique IP that is not shared on any other account on the same server. So, if you need instant access, even when your DNS records are being repaired or you are planning to add a 3rd party SSL certificate, the dedicated IP is the most suitable solution.

In iZi Media we recommend the use of Dedicated IP on all websites as it offers better results in SEO, there is no risk of a “penalty – punishment” if someone who shares the same server sends spam. Additionally, it increases the success of advertising campaigns, offers greater stability and guaranteed access to your website, and contributes to the efficient branding of your business online.