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What does Personal & Corporate Presentation mean?

Website Development

What does Personal & Corporate Presentation mean?


Personal Presentation Website

Personal presentation of a person’s services, e.g. doctor, lawyer, electrician, car mechanic, etc.


Corporate Presentation of Services

Presentation of services of a small group of people or a company, e.g. medical center, a consulting company, a martial arts academy, a sports center.


Corporate Product Presentation

Corporate presentation of products in parallel with the provision of services. For example, a dermatologist who presents various products and simultaneously has a website that presents his services.

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At iZi Media Group we believe that the world is changing. We all more or less search the Internet for everything. More and more of us are using the Internet as a tool to find the best prices on clothes, shoes, electrical appliances, etc.

In recent years, however, the search for services has risen rapidly. In addition to products, most people are also looking for valuable technicians for electronic devices, doctors, lawyers, accountants, electricians, plumbers.

That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here. To establish your business, create your brand name and move your business online. This way you simply and easily gain your own identity and recognition from a wider audience.

More and more potential customers will learn about you, your services, and your products. As a result, you will gain access to a larger clientele throughout your country and not be limited to your area only.

As iZi Media and a member of the iZi Media Group, we are committed to presenting you, your business, your products, and your services in a perfect way.


With our years of experience as well as the complex projects we have completed for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, even financial institutions, construction companies, and more, we know how to make a presentation website “cut and sewn” for you exclusively.


Our success is a given. We can guarantee that to you!

Personal Presentation

As mentioned above, the personal presentation website is your site that presents yourself and what you offer as services or material goods. This category includes professions such as doctors, accountants, lawyers, electricians, and in general all professions that provide some kind of services.

So the purpose of the website is to present you and the services you provide to a larger buying public, that is, to all those who do a daily search on the Internet.

As iZi Media, we are committed to creating a unique website for you that will make you more recognizable and inform the public about your services and benefits.

Corporate Presentation

A corporate presentation website is a website that presents you, your team, your business or a club, a group, and generally a group of people. It also presents the services and material goods that you can offer. It emphasizes the team and the human resources that make it up.

The ultimate goal of a corporate presence is to strengthen your business branding. The more people learn about your company or business, the greater your prospects for a dynamic consumer audience.

Together we can take your business to the next step. iZi Media was created to bring businesses forward, opening them up for the modern digital world.

Corporate Products

This category includes all individuals or companies that do not want an online store but want to present the products that are marketed simultaneously with their services.

A simple example of such a website is a dermatologist who in addition to the treatments he offers can also sell some special creams, another example may be a hairdresser who offers in addition to hairdressing some special shampoos or gels. Even trainers and fitness coaches who offer some kind of supplements or digital products (such as video tutorials with exercises or diet plants, etc.)

The range of corporate products is large and does not stop here. iZi Media is here to help you create your own portfolio and increase your customer base.