Marketplace platforms

What does marketplace mean?
Marketplace platforms

What does marketplace mean?



Skroutz is the largest online shopping platform in Greece. It started as a price comparison engine and it has evolved into a complete marketplace.



Skroutz’s awe-inspiring rival. is a product search and price comparison service from online stores that has also evolved into a marketplace.



The eMag based in Romania is the largest marketplace in the Balkans with a presence in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and soon in Albania, Italy, and Greece.

Electronic marketplaces (e-marketplaces as they are more common) refers to an automated electronic ordering process that directly connects customers with suppliers – sellers and allows buyers and sellers to exchange information on prices and product offers and collaborate with each other through information portals and tools for commercial cooperation.

An e-Marketplace in a nutshell is a platform where suppliers and buyers meet and buy and sell goods or services.

The advantages of these marketplaces are huge, as they are benchmarks and in the future, there will be more and more specialization, based on product or service categories.

There are three parties involved in e-shopping: the suppliers, the buyers, and the one who has created the e-marketplace platform. They are an important tool of e-business providing complete solutions for processing in-house procedures.

At iZi Media Group we pride ourselves on being able to connect your online store, presentation website, or even yourself, if you do not have internet visibility, with a plethora of marketplaces giving you the opportunity to open new horizons and enter new markets dynamically.


If you are interested in selling your goods or services in other countries of the Balkans, the European Union, or even abroad in general, then just read below in detail all the marketplaces with which we work. So do not waste time and enter new markets dynamically only with the help of iZi Media.

Eshop connection with

As we said above, is the largest online platform – marketplace with over 10,000 registered stores.
The main reason for connecting your store with Skroutz is the immediate increase in profits, as over 70% of online shopping is done through Skroutz.

This allows you to broaden to a wider market and reach an audience that you did not think might be interested in your services or products.

At iZi Media we consider the connection of your online store with the marketplace of Skroutz necessary and extremely profitable.

Eshop connection with

BestPrice is Skroutz’s awe-inspiring rival. It is relatively younger and has a smaller market share. is a leading e-commerce brand and the first established top price comparison engine in Greece.

Launched in 2001, it has since committed to helping consumers access Greek merchants, e-commerce products, and services through unique experiences using innovative platforms.

As with Skoutz, so with, at iZi Media we consider the interconnection of your online store necessary.

Eshop connection with

Totos is one of the top 3 price comparison sites in Greece. It started as a pilot in 2013 and managed to enter the trio of comparison sites in just 1 year and already has 900 stores.

Totos plans to expand to other European markets in the coming years, which will definitely open up new markets and investment offers for you as well.

Totos is a partner ofiZi Media Group.This practically means that each of our customers enjoys special offers and discounts.

Eshop connection with Pazaruvaj is the most popular Bulgarian price and product comparison platform, providing a reliable guide to online shopping, supporting online stores and their customers when shopping since 2006.

The site attracts over 2 million potential buyers per month, who can make an updated selection from more than 400 online stores and over 2 million offers.

Pazaruvaj is also active in Romania as and in Hungary as Through iZi Media Group you can connect in all 3 countries for even greater prospects and markets.

Eshop connection with eMag

eMag is the market leader in e-commerce in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and Hungary.

More than 5.000 people work at eMAG in Bucharest, Sofia, Warsaw, and Budapest.

iZi Media proposes the connection of your eshop with the eMag platform, as it opens the way for you to new European markets and does not only concern the stores in Bulgaria.

Eshop connection with eBay

eBay is a shopping website that is best known for auctioning and selling consumer goods to consumers.

It is also extremely popular with online marketers who use it as an additional sales channel.

eBay is available in many different countries. However, you can search for products that are available in your area by entering the zip code. Alternatively, you can look for products that are available nationally or internationally.

At iZi Media we consider that your entry on eBay gives you the opportunity to sell your goods outside Greece, the European Union. You have to pay attention to the shipping costs for the countries to which you will send your parcels!

Eshop connection with the Facebook Shop

The connection of your online store with the Facebook shop has many advantages and no disadvantages. Initially, you do not need much time and effort to manage your Facebook store. In addition, Facebook has about 2 billion active users, so by building your store there, you are more likely to increase your customer base.

If you choose to integrate your online store with Facebook, then you will definitely see an increase in traffic, ie more traffic to the site, which means more sales.

IZi Media suggests connecting your online store to Facebook, as it is one of the most popular social media that gives you access to a large buying public. A large percentage of Facebook users buy directly through the platform and so you have a more immediate solution.

Eshop connection with Amazon, Inc. is the largest marketplace company in the world in terms of turnover from sales of goods and services over the Internet.

It was one of the first systems to implement a suggestion system through the collaborative behavior of its users.

Connecting your eshop with Amazon will allow you to sell your goods to a huge consumer audience and boost your sales as, Germany’s Amazon alone, has over 800 million hits a month, and .uk, England’s Amazon, over 600 million hits per month.

At iZi Media we believe that Amazon can become a profitable sales channel for your business. As with eBay, however, you need to be careful about shipping costs. As with eBay, however, you need to be careful about shipping costs.

Eshop interface with Xrysos Odigos – Xrysi Eukairia

The Yellow Pages (Xrysos Odigos) is the longest-running Greek professional promotion company. It is not a marketplace per se, but the promotion of your business in the Yellow Pages and the Golden Opportunity (Xrysi Eukairia) makes your eshop present to the buying public that visits the website of and

Yellow Pages is a partner ofiZi Media Group. This practically means that each of our customers enjoys special offers and discounts!

Eshop connection with the Public Marketplace

The well-known Public created the Public Marketplace, an online shopping destination through the site of!

They offer reliable stores with which they cooperate so that their visitors have even more options in one of the largest and most reliable e-commerce sites in Greece.

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