Social Media

What does Social Media Management mean?

Social Media

What does Social Media Management mean?



Creation and management of advertising campaigns and corporate Facebook accounts.


Creation and management of advertising campaign as well as the business profile on Instagram.



Creation and management of advertising campaigns of company pages on LinkedIn.
Social media accounts management

Managing social media is something that should not be taken lightly. Social media is an arrow in the quiver of your success. About 3.9 billion people have at least one active social media account.

Bottom line is that with the right advertising campaign with paid ads but also with the right posts on your business social media, you can more easily achieve your goals as you approach a larger percentage of the market and more potential customers. Every move and every additional social media you are active in increases the engagement that your company will have and, consequently, there is greater empowerment of your Branding to many users and potential customers.

It is important to mention that each platform is usually aimed at specific consumer audiences as well as other groups and portions of people. For instance, LinkedIn is a social networking tool for professionals who want to present their resume or portfolio with their projects and for companies interested in new employees. Therefore, LinkedIn is suitable for doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other similar specialties. Instagram, on the other hand, is a social media with about 60% female and 40% male users and with a total of over 80% being under 35 years old. So, it is a valuable channel for advertising products and goods of fashion, health, beauty, clothes and not so much for services.

At iZi Media we offer Social Media Management services on the largest social networks in Europe. We will list below some of them, the most important at least. There are still several social media that we will not mention as they do not concern the Greek, Bulgarian, and in general, the European Market in which we specialize.


Some of the services are provided directly by iZi Media and others by our partners at iZi Media Group Group.


Let’s start with the most popular social media, the well-known to all of us Facebook. Facebook has about 6 million active users in Greece, about 800.000 in Cyprus, and 4.5 million users in Bulgaria. With the percentage being about 55% men and 45% women, Facebook is addressed to everyone and is the largest social network in Greece and Bulgaria.

It is the most valuable tool for a company to be able to approach a new consumer audience since with just a few posts you can present your business directly and easily throughout Greece. The more followers you get, the more users will see your paid ads.

Through iZi Media, you can be sure that your posts and Facebook ads (paid ads) will always be targeted and will bring you more traffic and therefore new customers.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger (short for Facebook Messenger) is an instant messaging service (pm & dm, personal messages & direct messages) through which you can send text and audio messages as well as videos.

Messenger allows users to chat with their Facebook friends both on mobile and through the Facebook website.

We mention it separately because from 2016 onwards one does not need to be a Facebook user to use the Facebook Messenger application.

At iZi Media Group we consider it a valuable advertising tool and it belongs to the advertising package of Facebook & Instagram Ads.


Instagram is a popular social media that allows you to download and share photos and videos. It became famous thanks to its photo filters, while today it also has filters for videos, as well as a variety of other user-friendly tools.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, after its acquisition in April 2012 for $ 1 billion. In total there are over 3 million registered users in Greece, about 550.000 in Cyprus, and around 1.5 million in Bulgaria who have uploaded over 2 billion photos. More than 6 million photos are uploaded daily and over 500.000 likes are made on photos and videos.

As you can understand, through Instagram you can post and promote mainly products and not so many services and other similar goods.

Instagram belongs to the paid ads of Facebook and we at iZi Media will organize the campaigns of both Facebook and Instagram together in the same offer package.


One social network that is a hidden weapon among professionals is LinkedIn. To be precise, it’s a social network, whose goal is to connect all the professionals in the world, making them more productive and better at their job.

Professionals use LinkedIn to present their resume, portfolio, and projects, but also their most important strengths and weaknesses and in particular the “skills” they may have. Companies use LinkedIn in exactly the same way, as an online resume through which they can single out their future candidates.

LinkedIn is a great advertising channel if you are a freelancer or a similar service provider. At iZi Media fully recommend the use of LinkedIn in such types of businesses.


Trust in us and you will surely not regret it.


Twitter is a social network that belongs to the wider category of social media and is considered the second most popular in the world after Facebook in Greece. Its percentage in the country counts about 700 thousand active users. Much less than Facebook’s 6 million and Instagram’s 3 million. But this should not deceive you.

Twitter is used more as a means of publishing public speeches by politicians, reporters, journalists, athletes, and other media, mainly due to its immediacy.

What characterizes this social network and sets it apart from the rest, are the posts with a limit of 140 characters that it had until 2017 and turned into 280 at the beginning of 2018. Its use has to do mainly with information and in Greece, it is characterized as the social media of the best pick-up lines as it is used quite often to satirize situations.

At iZi Media Group we recommend joining Twitter in advertising campaigns that contain funny or humorous cartoons, images, gifs, emoji, and in companies that want to use as many advertising channels as possible.


YouTube is a social media sharing, playback, and video sharing platform. It is the most popular of its kind, there are still DailyMotion and Vimeo, but there is no user comparison between them. Over 2 billion active users visit it per month, while every minute more than 200 hours of videos are uploaded. In Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria things are exactly the same and we do not see any differences, it remains the dominant Video Social Media Platform with about 6 million users per month in Greece and about 500 thousand in Cyprus.

It has been owned by Google since 2006, as has Google+ (which is no longer available) and other popular Google services.

YouTube is used primarily by users to spend their time, as they can come across any video you can imagine.

At iZi Media Group we unreservedly recommend it as a means of promoting your company as not only can you use paid ads but also create your own channel where you can upload your own videos with instructions, tips, and presentations of your products.

Google My Business

Google My Business does not belong to the category of social media in the literal sense of the word (Google’s social media was called Google+ and has now been canceled as a project). Google My Business is a free tool that lets you promote your corporate profile and business website on Google Search and Google Maps.

With your Google My Business account, you can see and get in touch with your customers, post updates to your Company profile, and see how customers interact with your Google business.

Although free, this does not mean that GMB is practically completely free. Every Google API integration, such as your business maps, directions, etc. has some monthly cost.

At iZi Media Group, we consider the use of Google My Business necessary mainly in stores and services with a physical presence. This strengthens your brand name and your customers’ trust in your business.


WhatsApp is a social application and specifically belongs to the category of messenger apps, i.e. applications for direct communication. It is an application that needs a mobile phone, smartphone, and telephone number to work – activate. Its main goal is to replace users’ communication via SMS and phone calls and put them in the “game” of communicating via the Internet (WiFi or 3G/4G/5G).

Until recently, its main competitor in Greece was Viber, while after January 2021, due to the fact that WhatsApp chose to collect a lot of personal data, it lost a lot of market share and acquired 2 more competitors, Telegram and Signal.

The WhatsApp community was the largest one you could find in the messenger app surpassing the 2 billion active monthly users. It dropped a lot as we said in January 2021 and fell to almost 1 billion monthly active users. Not a negligible reduction. However, it continues to be the leader in Messenger Apps mainly due to its acquisition by Facebook in January 2014 and its integration with the Facebook Shop, Facebook Business, and Facebook Manager platforms.

At iZi Media, we recommend the use of WhatsApp for advertising purposes mainly to users who do not have a Facebook account in order to inform potential customers that we can approach in a different way.


Viber is also a popular social media application belonging to the messenger category for computers and mobile devices, which allows users to exchange text messages, images, videos and make voice and video calls over the Internet (WiFi or 3G/4G/5G).

Especially in Greece, the application is quite popular and until recently was 2nd just behind WhatsApp. However, as mentioned, after the WhatsApp scandal for the collection of personal data in January 2021, Viber went up a lot and gained a larger market share, taking at the same time the 1st place in the category of messenger apps in Greece. Viber supports both Greek and Bulgarian languages and the latest measurement in the summer showed that the application is used by over 1.2 billion active monthly users worldwide.

iZi Media believes that Viber can become a valuable marketing tool through 2 advertising channels. Firstly, through the informative messages for offers and discounts to your customers, and secondly, you can also inform potential consumers as Viber allows the ads in specific parts of the screen of a smartphone or computer.


Tik Tok (formerly known as and in China known as Douyin) is a social networking tool that combines social networking with music into an original self-made video platform. Tik Tok belongs to the same parent company that bought the music software in 2017 and since then all users of have been transferred to the new application.

Until the beginning of 2020, TikTok was a relatively new social media in Greece and did not have a great impact. As of March 2020, however, and due to Covid-19 and the growing flow of users on the Internet, TikTok has surpassed 1.1 billion active users worldwide and approximately 1 million active users in Greece and Cyprus. TikTok users are up to 24 years old in the majority with about 70% with the other 20% being aged 24 to 30 and 10% being over 30 years old.

Users of the application can create, save and share videos up to 60 seconds long (maximum when it comes to commercials or sponsored videos).

At iZi Media Group we use TikTok as an advertising channel for products and services aimed primarily at young people and not so much over the age of 30.


Vimeo is a video-sharing platform and one of YouTube’s competitors along with DailyMotion where users can watch and upload videos they want to share with others.

It was created in 2004 by a small group of people who wanted to promote their own works and their own personal moments without wanting their videos to be interrupted or corrupted by ads and spam.

In 2007 Vimeo also started supporting high-definition video uploads, 720p and 1080p High-definition. In March 2016, Vimeo had over 130 million unique visitors and was ranked third among websites with similar content.

The big difference of Vimeo is that, in relation to YouTube but also to similar platforms, there are no ads and in its Free version, the size of a video should not exceed 500MB.

At iZi Media we use Vimeo for the purpose of strengthening the brand name of your business.


Slack is a communication tool in the workplace and not purely social media. It is generally a single place for exchanging messages, tools, and files. In short, this means that Slack is an instant messaging system with many add-ons and tools in the workplace.

Add-ons are not necessary for using Slack, because the main functionality is chatting with other people. There are two chat methods on the Slack platform: channels (group chat) and instant messaging or DM (person-to-person chat).

The purpose of placing Slack on social media is because at iZi Media Group we have found it to be an incredibly convenient tool for direct conversations between us and our partners. Through this, you can also create your own community and have a more direct relationship with your customers.


Reddit is a forum (internet community) type website, which belongs to social media and has, among other things, Social Networking features. Reddit users are constantly opening up new discussions on any topic you can think of and integrating them into communities called subreddits. Each community, i.e. subreddits, has its own theme and thematic unit, its own rules, and its own moderators and administrators. There are a total of over 900 thousand subreddits.

Its community is quite large with about 900 million active users per month and about 4 million users in Greece and Cyprus. Reddit users are mostly men at 60% and aged 18 to 30 years.

At iZi Media we believe that Reddit can help create and strengthen your brand name and we recommend it as a social media that aims at the SEO of your business.