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Panagiotis K.

iZi Media | SEO Expert – Google Ads

Panagiotis has been working as a Senior Web Developer and SEO Specialist for the last 10 years, having knowledge of the technologies and procedures required to carry out a successful project from the beginning to the end.

He specializes in custom WordPress and Static Sites solutions, writing highly structured and search engine-friendly (SEO-friendly) code. When developing an online project, his primary focus is on understanding the business goals and needs of a brand by creating that product that will really work most efficiently for the benefit of the customer.

He has been offering On-Site and Off-Site SEO services (website promotion in Google and link building) since 2009 professionally. In addition, he is an authorized translator in the Greek-Bulgarian language pair.



Working Experience

assistant bulgaria project 1 izimedia

Off-Site SEO using Backlinks.
Blog post creation and publishing.

Varna, Bulgaria

Off-Site SEO/ Blog/

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