What does Seo optimization mean?


What does Seo optimization mean?


On-site SEO

By On-Site SEO or On-Page SEO we mean the optimization processes in the structure, content, and technical characteristics of a website, always based on the instructions and guidelines of Google, so that it is user friendly and search engine, such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Duckduckgo e.t.c. friendly as well.



Off-Site SEO or Off-Page SEO refers to the actions of building external links (backlinks and mentions) to a website, in order to rank it higher in the organic (physical-non-advertising) results in Google search engines.



The term backlink refers in a few words to the links that lead from one website to another.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key to establishing your business. So what is SEO? The term SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of attracting traffic through “organic” or “free” search results in search engines, such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, and various other lesser-known ones.

The main purpose of SEO is to strengthen the brand and the recognition of your business and to attract a larger consumer audience without exorbitant advertising costs.

The difference between SEO and paid ads is that in paid ads, such as Google Ads, where ephemeral “as much as you pay, you show up”. SEO slowly and steadily strengthens your company and brand. In this way, you significantly reduce the costs of advertising, the well-known CPC (cost per click), since Google will promote your website to a larger audience.

Always the right combination: Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, that is, all the paid ads and at the same time the right SEO brings the best results.

At iZi Media we can be proud that Emmanouil and Panagiotis, two of the key members of our team will give their best and will bring perfect results in the field of SEO. Emmanouil in On-Site and Panagiotis in Off-site SEO. Do not hesitate to contact us!

iZi Media Group guarantees Google First Page Result and our reason is commitment!

On-Site SEO

As mentioned earlier, on-site SEO refers to practices that aim to improve the effectiveness of a website in terms of content, structure, design, and technical implementation. The way in which these practices should be implemented is primarily determined by Google. Yes, in countries like Russia, China, and a big part of the United States, Google has lost a share of Yandex, Baidu, and Bing, but still it is the one who moves the threads.

Some of these guidelines are: Title Tags, Meta Description Tags, Content Architecture, and Content and Page Structure.

iZi Media follows all the guidelines and best practices set by Google in order to be as complete and effective On-site SEO as possible for your Website.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO refers to the practices that we should apply not to the respective website, but externally from it, and relate primarily to how “important and reliable” a website is considered by a search engine.

For example, the number of backlinks that a site has, the popularity, and the way in which its content is shared on social media. The more popular your social media is, and the better and more present your website is on other websites, articles, and social media, the more and more important Google considers a website. Its traffic, and even branded references to it, can significantly affect the performance of a website in search engines.

iZi Media follows all the guidelines and good practices set by google for the best possible off-site SEO.


Back-links are all active links that lead from one website to another. Backlinks help to achieve better search engine rankings. If one of your content, a blog post, a service, a product you sell gets organic links from other sites, then that content will rank higher in search results.

Your main goal should be to create links to individual posts or pages other than those that lead to your homepage. One thing to be especially careful about is that “the more backlinks the better” does NOT apply. Google does consider backlinks important, but the “penguin” algorithm, one of Google’s most advanced crawling tools, can easily tell if your backlinks are “purchased” or generally manipulated, if they are from low or high-ranking websites with high or low domain rating, (Google rating for how valuable a website is). So it’s better to have a few backlinks from famous pages with high scores than infinite links from unidentified pages.

iZi Media, always guided by Google’s guidelines and Best practices, offers backlink services at the lowest market prices on websites with High Domain Authority – High Domain Rating.


Keywords are the search terms that determine the content of a page or article on a site. In terms of SEO, these are the words and phrases that your potential customers or visitors to your website will search for in search engines, also called “search queries”. Keywords are characterized by the content, the text of your website, the images, the texts, the videos that you have.

A valuable piece of advice we can give is that “keywords should always be the answer to the question that someone will look for in Google”. That is, on an accounting firm’s website, the keywords should refer to services offered by that accountant, e.g. “Invoices, accountants for intra-Community V.A.T., accountants for small shops, good accountants for businesses”. In other words, words that a user will “hit” in the Google search.

iZi Media Group offers services for finding the most ideal and famous keywords depending on the services and products offered.

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