Collaborations & Partner Network

Collaborations & Partner Network


Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate type collaboration through the iMAPP program.


External Partners

Collaboration with external partners, freelancers, Freelancers and other types of external partnerships.


IZi Media Group Partner Network

Official cooperation and participation in the iZi Media partner network, the iZi Media Group.

At iZi Media we are always looking for the best and we always strive for it, whether it concerns our team, our customers, or the projects we have undertaken. We always try to evolve and offer a wide range of Internet services at the best market prices and with the least possible time required.

That is why we have invested time, money, and effort in our network consisting of External Partners in all lengths and breadths of Greece, Bulgaria, and abroad.

Our partners are mainly located in Greece and Bulgaria, so that they can operate at the same hours as our customers and provide them with immediate support.

There are 3 main types of collaboration with iZi Media:


  • Affiliate partnerships in which you recommend us to someone you know and receive a percentage on the project!
  • The External Collaborations in which you help us with your experience to complete our projects.
  • The most important is the third and final type of collaboration. The introduction of your company to the iZi MediaPartner Network, the iZi Media Group. The purpose of iZi Media Group is to provide a range of services and full customer support.

At iZi Media we know better than anyone the problems and difficulties that our customers and friends will face. The purpose of the iZi Media Group program is to unite the Colossi of space in one team, in order to provide full support to our customers.


Each of our partners, whether external or a member of the iZi Media Group, has passed a rigorous examination and meets our perfect criteria and conditions to be a member.


With iZi Media you can and should be sure that the support of your Internet presence starts from the moment we create your Website together and never stops. We are Next to the Customer from the beginning of your business and its integration in the world of the Internet until its consolidation.


IZi Media and the entire iZi Media Group Affiliate Network are always by your side.

Affiliate Partnerships

In Affiliate Partnerships, a unique code is created for you, after contacting us. So every time you refer us to someone you know – a new client then you are entitled to a percentage of 5% to 20% of the project we will be called to undertake.

This percentage depends on the difficulty of the project, the services of iZi Media that will be requested, and the packages that will be chosen by each customer.

External Partners

In External Cooperation, each of our partners is responsible for the provision of their services and their assistance in the fulfillment of a project undertaken by iZi Media.

If e.g. you are a freelancer and you deal with the field of photography, then you can become our external partner who will undertake the photography of products for an e-shop or the photography of houses for a real estate customer or the photography of landscapes for a customer with hotel units and tourism.

At iZi Media we are mainly looking for people with knowledge in the following:


  • WordPress – WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Bootstrap
  • React – Vue – Angular
  • PHP – Node – Ruby
  • MSQQL – MySql – Postgres
  • Google Experts (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform)
  • Social Media Expert (γνώσεις Facebook – Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads
  • Instant Messaging Experts (knowledge of Messenger Ads, Viber ads, WhatsApp ads, etc.)
  • SEO (On-Site, Off-Site Experts)
  • Copywriters for creating Unique Content and Articles
  • Video Editing knowledge for creating and using videos on YouTube, Vimeo, e.t.c. (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve etc.)
  • Photo Editing skills for creating and using photos on Websites and Social Media (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom)
  • Influencers (for advertising purposes and promotion of products and services)

If you belong to any of the above categories or even if you do not belong but you have fun, appetite for work, and some talent or some knowledge that differentiates you from others then contact us, iZi Media is waiting for you!

iZi Media Group

The most important type of cooperation that we offer as iZi Media is the iZi Media Group. iZi Media Group is a holding group consisting of Colossi of the Internet and beyond. Each company – partner – a member of iZi Media Group specializes in a different field.

These fields are:

  • Advertising – Digital Marketing
  • Software and Technology companies
  • IT Companies
  • Courier Companies
  • Directory Companies – Listing
  • Fullfilment Center

For your cooperation with iZi Media and the entry of your company in the iZi Media Group please contact us.

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