E-shop management

What does e-shop management mean?

E-shop management

What does e-shop management mean?


E-shop management

Product management, control panel management, application updates.

Customers Management

Clientele management, sales, and marketing.

Ship management

Shipment management through the largest ERP and Fulfillment Center systems in Greece and Bulgaria with delivery throughout Europe.

With the term e-shop management, we refer to the whole process required for the proper management of your online store but also the way it operates, which is the reason that brings profits to your business.

The term e-shop management refers to the uploading of products, the inventory of warehouse products, and the correct updating of the warehouse and the stores that are supplied by it. However, it does not only concern these but also the services that we will mention below.

We also provide:


  • The proper photography with an emphasis on your products, the right SEO of the store and its products.
  • The correct detailed description of the products.
  • The correct management of the clientele with updates for new offers and gifts.
  • Sending newsletters and questionnaires.
  • Data Entry.
  • Most importantly, the delivery of products to the consumer and his support after the purchase, the so-called After-Sales Service Support.

At iZi Media we realize how easy it is for someone to set up their own online store but also how difficult it is to make it widely known in order to increase their sales. So we provide the following services as is through iZi Media and through our chain of partners in Europe, the iZi Media Group, to make everything easier.

Product management

In the product management service, we offer the uploading of the products in your online store and the marketplace with which it has been interconnected. We also offer proper pricing of products and their placement as “PROMO” if the customer desires. Our services extend to the processing and optimization of the URL as well as the Meta Description and Meta Title for better results in search engines.

The ultimate goal of this service is the complete On-site SEO of your online store. At iZi Media Group we consider that it is a complete prerequisite for the upload of products to be done by professionals or by someone who knows how to make each product SEO optimized.

Package dispatching

We undertake the correct packaging and preparation of the product before receipt by the courier company you work with. In addition, we are responsible for the shipment of the parcel, its monitoring for the correct shipment and delivery (tracking procedure) as well as the return of the amount received.

The above service is provided by our partners through the iZi Media Group.

Warehouse management

One of the many services in the eshop management category is the management of the warehouse or warehouses if you have more than one, the control of the availability of the products as well as the dates of receipt of the products in the warehouse or the store.

iZi Media also provides systems for automatic monitoring and updating of warehouses and stores through the iZi Media Group.

Call center

One of the main services provided by the iZi Media Group is the telephone support of online stores. Telephone confirmation of the order, change of order or products of an order, contact with the customer to confirm the manner and time of delivery. Telephone support before, during, and after the completion of the order.

The call center service and telephone support is provided only in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus through iZi Media but also by our partners in the iZi Media Group.

Technical support

Finally, the iZi Media Group provides technical support regarding the smooth operation of your online store. The update and proper operation of plugins, templates, themes that may be used by your eshop but also the correct update of your CMS (WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, or the custom solution)

24/7 technical support is provided via chat and support ticket and telephone support is provided during iZi Media operation hours.

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