Copywriting – Content Writing

What does copywring mean?

Copywriting – Content Writing

What does copywring mean?


Website Copywriting

Analysis of your business and its benefits and creation of Google and Seo-friendly content.


SEO copywriting

Copywriting in articles, blogs, and friendly websites in order to grow the Brand name of your business.


Social media copywriting

Copywriting for social media, creation of posts and articles on social media, forums, online communities to strengthen the Brand name of your business.

copy writing iZimedia

At iZi Media we surely know how important a text is to a website or an eshop.

It is completely different to view an eshop in order to buy a dress, a mobile phone, a pc and there is no correct description, size, color, features or to look for a lawyer and not know if he deals with the field you want, because his website does not clearly state what law he is dealing with.

So here comes iZi Media in the game and through the team of experts Content Writers – Copywriters creates unique content that aims to make your website Google friendly.

Google itself states “Content is the King” which in simple words translates, “The King of a website is its content”. This finding finds us in complete agreement and that is why we give a great basis to the creation of the right text – content.

So the iZi Media team will offer unique text creation services based on the services of your company or the products you offer.


Copywriting is done by expert copywriters with experience in creating Google and SEO-friendly content and is always guided by the type of publication that may involve some small or large articles, some social media posts, the correct content of your Website, and much more. That will make your brand unique and with an authentic character.


The term “Copywriting” refers to the creation of any unique, text that has been written entirely by us and has not already been “crawled” by Google’s bots.

This way we can be sure that both we and our customers that the content that has been written to describe their services, company details, and other details, is unique and refers clearly and only to a specific business.

The team of iZi Media copywriters will always create your texts ensuring you excellent results!

SEO copywriting

Simply put, the term SEO copywriting refers to all articles and texts written by us and published on our friendly websites or our own website (e.g. on its blog) in order to strengthen the Brand name and the organic traffic of another website.

At iZi Media we specialize in SEO copywriting and our network consists of a plethora of friendly websites. We also undertake the management of your business blog in case it is required!

Social Copywriting

Social Copywriting refers to texts that will be published on the company’s social media, whether they are social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other types such as online forums, communities such as Reddit, Google My Business, and others.

The Social Copywriting part requires excellent use of the language because it leaves no room for large texts and we will have to present a new function or inform our customers about some new products or services in a short text.

At iZi Media we are fully aware of this and our experienced copywriter – content writer will provide the solution.

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